Water heater not cold or not working is a common problem faced by many home owners in Singapore. With majority of home owners owning at least 1 water heater in their house, water heater has become an essential part of our everyday life.

As with all appliance, water heaters do break down and when it does, it creates much inconvenient to it users when warm water is required. Prices for a replacement and installation of a new water heater might be quite pricey depending of the model, how many litres, etc and the amount of labour required (if your home is using concealed storage heater). Repairing your water heater might be a smart choice given its price.

Types Of Water Heater Repair

At Plumber Singapore ,we have years of experience with water heater issues. Below will be some of the more common issues home owners faced with their water heater.

Water not warm
A water heater that produces little to no warm water is one of the many common water heater problems you may encounter. We recommend checking all power source that links to the water heater is working. If it doesn’t work, contact us @ 8761 3129 to get a qualified plumber down to inspect.
Smelly Warm Water
Smelly warm water means that the water has become has been infected with bacteria. You will notice that there is a rotten egg-type smell when using your heater.
Water Tank Leaking
Water tank leaks one of the common problems home owners faced. For such situation, we recommend changing a new water heater which cover 1 years of product & service warranty. Check with us what the various types of brands that may best suit you and your budget.
Low Water Pressure
Low water pressure producing little water when trying to use is another common problem. We might have tried changing our shower head thinking it might be stuck or clog but it might be the pipe that links the water heater to the water outlet being clog. For such cases, contact us to get our qualified plumbers down to inspect

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